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Starlight Arts makes me so happy that I can come to starlight and be in a fun relaxing environment, nobody is different, we all have some sort of disability and we can all relate to each other. We can have fun and forget our disabilities at the same time.

Jack Marshall

Starlight Arts has made me feel more confident in myself as it made me realise the disability I can still do other and some things but my own way and that there may be more opportunities out there what will take people that has disabilities but THANK YOU for making me be the person I am today thank you!!

Kayleigh Hunsley

Starlight Arts had made me feel more confident in myself also in my health issues. It’s made me realise that just because I have a limiting health condition. I can still do things and can still go places. Thank you!

Shannon Ruscoe

My four daughters have regularly attended Starlight Arts since it first opened. They have always been keen on performing and particularly love to learn new routines and skills. Starlight Arts provides the perfect “safe” environment for them to build team and individual skills and to feel confident in expressing themselves within a friendly and supportive setting. They look forward to meeting up with their friends each week and, even if feeling poorly, they will not miss a session. The theatre trips are fantastic and enjoyed and appreciated immensely. I could not give a higher recommendation to this brilliant group.

Lorraine Cridge

From a parental view point our son benefited lots from being part of Starlight Arts. Despite having a disability he was able to always have an acting part which he thoroughly enjoyed. To provide him with opportunities to socialise with peers has always been one of our priorities. Starlight Arts provided this. I can fully recommend this group.

Maggie Roberts

My son joined Starlight Arts in 2011. He had confidence issues due to a speech impediment. Being part of the drama group has given him a real belief in himself and it is fair to say that Starlight Arts has helped him in many other ways. He has made lots of friends and will be a mentor for some of the new students in the new year. As well as the drama sessions, they also arrange theatre visits and social events. I am proud to say that since 2016 I have also been a volunteer drama leader for the group also.

Ian Moss

My down syndrome brother had enjoyed a number of drama groups help as his local Mencap group, so we decided to access Starlight Arts, which is a fabulous drama group for adults with special needs and learning disabilities. My brother enjoyed it from the very first minute and weekly sessions soon became the highlight of his week. he loved his time there, learning new skills with his friends and the volunteer drama leaders showed amazing support skills with the members. There is a wonderful atmosphere of fun and friendship amongst everyone involved at the group. My brother grew emotionally and confidently from strength to strength within the group.

Liam K Malloy

My son attends Starlight Arts to enable him to meet new friends and it’s a good opportunity for him to interact with others. My son has learning difficulties, therefore for him to remain independent and engage in activities like this, is good for him. Before he started Starlight Arts he only accessed two activities and his confidence has massively improved. He is also learning a lot from attending Starlight ARts.

Michelle Shrigley